Our Penske Dyno allows for optimisation of dampers. A dyno run will identify any leaks or damage, facilitate damper matching, optimise their operation and maintain the long term performance of the damper. Damper internals fatigue and wear with use and just like other race cars parts, require servicing and replacement of internal components to maximise the dampers performance.

At OMS Racing we offer damper inspection and servicing with a print out of the dyno run traces for each damper.

  • Damper inspection - Includes assessment and dyno run. Cost per damper from £100 excl.vat.
  • Damper service - Includes a service assessment and pre-service dyno run. Supply and fit replacement parts as required, service consumables and further dyno run following servicing. Cost per damper from £200 excl.vat.
  • Damper re-valve - Includes shims and consumables. We are able to advise on damping characteristics and recommend damper set up for individual requirements. Cost per damper from £150 excl.vat.

OMS Racing specialise in re-valving and testing Penske racing dampers, however due to the universal characteristics of the dyno we are able to test and map other makes of damper: please enquire.

We also supply Penske racing shock absorbers. They can be rebuilt, serviced and re-valved; should they become damaged parts are available to repair rather than replace the whole damper.

If you would like to discuss Penske or any other racing shock absorbers, or discuss the services we offer please contact us via the contact page.